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Brandon B.
Supernatural Season 7, y'all! 
24th-Sep-2011 09:33 am
$100k Pyramid
This season premiere was so much better than last season's. I can't even.

I have really been annoyed at what Castiel did to Sam. And I know people are going to miss Cas, and I love Misha Collins like you wouldn't believe (not to mention, tonight's episode showed that this dude plays evil and power-hungry FLAWLESSLY), however if the show is wanting to go back to its roots more and focus on the brothers again primarily, then I am ready for that.

But smiting some of the hypocrites, like the anti-gay preacher? I'm not gonna lie, was pretty damn awesome. You have no idea how much I enjoyed that. I get so tired of certain religious people using their religion to mask and excuse their own hatred. Especially when we're still living in a world where LGBT kids are still taking their own lives. I'm sure this is the definite truth even if Castiel didn't assume God's persona. So basically, I enjoyed at least that, but I HATE that he had to do an incredibly shitty thing to do it though. WHY did he have to betray Dean and jack with Sam's wall in order to do something like that? WHY!?

Speaking of that, this episode shows why I've never lost faith in the character no matter how many ups and downs he's gone through. Cas is responsible for destroying his wall and he still cared about trying to save him. Also, it was Sam and pretty much only Sam who felt this way for a long while.

I know a few people are upset with Dean right now but really, I wasn't really surprised at how Dean felt towards Castiel and how for the longest while he was cold about it. I can't blame him one bit. I could see the feelings of disappointment and anger in his eyes for the past 4 episodes now. You can't deliberately mess with his Sammy and get away with it! In fact, you don't ever want to betray or cross a line with him PERIOD! Hell, even when Sam did some of the things he did in season 4, like when he worked with a demon for instance? Dean wasn't about any of that. It was truly a heartbreaking time and it took a lengthy amount of time for the boys to repair their own relationship.

Now I'm wondering what happened to Sam? It's like he just disappeared in the last few minutes of the episode.

Oh, one other thing. Dean watches porn with too many clothes on, and him watching porn in the room with Sam is now canon. :P And he would have KEPT watching it if Sam hadn't have said anything. Even though last season he told Cas that it's not something you watch in the room with other dudes. OMG I can't. hahahahaha

15th-Oct-2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
LOL! I can't even with this show. DS watching porn while each other is in the room awesome! [Season 2 Sam and Season 7 Dean] The showrunners don't even pretend that shit is weird anymore. LOL!

I loved the season preimere as well and this is gonna sound mean but I am ready for Castiel to make his exit already too tbh he has overstayed his welcome. I feel like at this point Gamble realized her misstakes by putting too many eggs in the basket and I think with season 7 they are trying cleanup their messes.

Castiel smiting everyone was awesome and the trenchcoat on the stained glass was funny as well. I grew up a christian blah blah blah so I hear you about hpyocrites I am all for believing but shunning a group of people to do it is not what faith is about but anyway getting off the soapbox.

Fandom has been insane as usual, tbh I don't blame Dean for being cold toward Castiel. He had a valid reason and if that was my little brother or sister I would never speak to him again.
16th-Oct-2011 12:21 pm (UTC)
hahahaha I know. That moment of Sam watching porn when Dean walked in in s2 is one of my favorite awkward moments ever. And he watches it with too many clothes on too. lol.

Sera's giving Sam/Dean shippers stuff to work with and probably doesn't even realize it. loolllllllll.
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