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Brandon B.
So I'm hooked... again. 
31st-Oct-2011 06:32 pm
$100k Pyramid
So I don't know how many other people are watching the latest storyline with Will Horton on Days of our Lives. If you've been watching, even with the small amount of screen time now (that's supposed to pick up sometime in November-December), you have noticed what's in store for him in the near future.

Days is pretty much the last remaining first-run favorite soap today thanks to recent cancellations. I watched this show off and on for a very long time. And even with the heartbreak of the ending of the Luke and Noah storyline on As The World Turns still lingering, I couldn't help but get excited when I heard there'd be a new gay character coming to Salem. This was Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis of course (the brunette on the left), played by the charming Freddie Smith. And I have to say it was a really nice surprise to see his character. Completely confident and happy about who he is. Coming out and dealing with homophobia from the gang's now ex-friend Tad with stride. Don't get me wrong, Luke Snyder's coming out storyline was amazing, and seeing Noah Mayer come on a year later and struggle with who he was, even with some of the out there elements like having his father go literally batshit insane was heartbreakingly powerful, but there's something about seeing a well-developed gay character on-screen in their earliest days on a series that is really beautiful.

I was watching last Tuesday's show with the scenes with Will, played by the adorable Chandler Massey, and his grandmother, Marlena (yes, that one, the legendary Dr. Marlena Evans, played by Deidre Hall), who‘s also a psychologist. I was really enjoying them. While watching Will get more and more awkward and nervous when she asked about his girlfriend, Gabi, I got to thinking. They’re very close, and this family relationship along with Luke and Lucinda's on ATWT - which was one of my favorite family dynamics on a show ever - really made me wish that my grandmother could be as accepting as Lucinda Walsh was of Luke and obviously Marlena Evans is going to be when Will's finally ready to be open about who he is. I haven't told her yet but I've heard some of the things she says about gays; about how uncomfortable she is around the concept of it and such, so it makes me kinda sad. What's this? I'm RELATING to a daytime soap opera storyline? Yes, I am. Yes, people can still relate to stories told during the early afternoon! Just write more sensible storylines, daytime writers!

But anyway, even with the screen time being an issue I'm having a pretty good time watching things unfold. Will being reluctant to talk about Gabi in public isn’t the only sign. I mean, they've been dropping these things like it's hot since late May. There have been a really good amount of them. I’ve never seen someone look so terrified at the thought of making love with their girlfriend or even kiss her in public before. Then there’s how sad he looked when he was telling off a homophobic friend. It was awesome to see him do it, but the hurt in his eyes made it look all the more personal. Oh, and I can’t forget the camera cutting to Will when Sonny talks about being gay in Salem; it‘s pretty clear that the show stopped being subtle by then. All of it leads to one obvious conclusion. I’m really intrigued in how it’s going to actually play out. Will Will come out to Marlena first (very likely scenario)? Or Sonny? Will he have a "moment" with Sonny? How will Gabi find out? What will his mother Sami say?

Though I have to say that I hate more than anything are the people I'm reading in comments to articles and such threatening to quit watching the show because of the storyline and that drives me crazy. I don't understand how some people can stick with a show for so long and watch some of these characters do illegal, immoral, unethical, and downright deplorable things; they can sit through all the infidelity, violence, etc. but when the gay characters come to town it's time to abandon ship. How does that even work? Ugh. Honestly though, aside from gay people who are struggling internally about who they are, homophobes are one of the groups that could also benefit the most from this storyline. Maybe some of those in that crowd can finally learn that being gay isn't a choice. You can't TURN someone gay; despite what any closed-minded people think about Sonny potentially "stealing" Will away from Gabi.

I know there have been some disappointments with these kinds of storylines, but since my last hardcore favorite soap is doing something in regards to gay characters on television, I’m going to try and give this storyline a chance before it’s all said and done.
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