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Brandon B.
The Bob Newhart Show FINALLY being completed on DVD! 
10th-Jan-2014 10:51 am
$100k Pyramid
YES!!!! I just saw this on TVShowsonDVD.com about The Bob Newhart Show:

I am ecstatic that the 5th and 6th seasons are finally coming out. It was initially reported that Shout was continuing two Fox titles; one that was abandoned (Newhart) and the final two seasons of another. Based on Shout's involvement with Fox and classics, it was bound to be Mr. Belvedere (a Fox show Shout released with two seasons left to go), or TBNS, which also had two seasons to go. The 5th and 6th seasons of TBNS I thought were some of the best of the series so this makes me very happy to know they'll be out on DVD in some form.

However, it'll be irksome if they don't release seasons 5 and 6 separately. If they don't do that and if they expect me to fork over money to buy an entire series set after I've already bought 4 out of the 6 seasons separately to see that it's completed on DVD; then I certainly hope there are some good incentives to make me sell the original individual releases and invest in one big set some day.

For one thing, I would hope that the episodes are remastered. It'd be worth re-investing for that kind of upgrade. Unlike the other MTM shows released on DVD like Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda from season 2 onward, and Remington Steele; TBNS hasn't been remastered. A few of the episodes look like they haven't been touched literally since 1975.

Secondly, I'd hope they used single sided discs and not the problematic and easily scratch-able double-sided ones that Fox used when they originally put it out. And maybe a bit more extras. Though the ones that came out on the original releases were pretty enjoyable. Also I want packaging that's not gimmicky and flimsy and causes the DVD's to become damaged like how a lot of complete series sets can be. Given Shout's history with that with shows like Barney Miller and All in the Family, I wouldn't expect less on that.

Stuff like non-remastering isn't usually a deal or no deal thing with me -- every episode of the show was uncut so that in itself encouraged me to buy the sets -- but in this case if it's just going to be a repackaging of the exact same first 4 seasons with no additional incentives and I already have them, then that will be disappointing.
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